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Voodoo Dog Restaurant, a beacon of amazing hotdog cooking, continues to draw people from all over town. The dining area is decked out with 80's and 90's memorabilia such as references to arcade games, hair metal and cool skateboarding movies. The only thing that could make it more awesome is a Skeedoodle.

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Have your food delivered with Bite Squad, a professional delivery service. You can track your dogs in real time as they are being delivered.


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Ryan Devlin Developer

We came out for your Sunday Brunch. I can’t express enough how fabulous our dining experience was. As usual, the food was wonderful and the atmosphere was pleasant, but the hospitality was phenomenal

Roy Johnson Doctor

A group of us from work went in tonight for our dinner break. Our server, Keith, was great, especially highlighting the specials. The food was outstanding, (Mom, don’t look at this) better than homemade.

Vincent Bellissimo accountant

I love receiving emails to see what’s cookin’ from time to time. My son will not let me forget how delicious your mashed potatoes were. We went to a soul food restaurant for my son’s 23rd birthday on Saturday and he ordered mashed potatoes. One bite and he replied

Oliver Patterson master chef

The four of us had a wonderful time dining on delicious southern cuisine at LL Dents that satisfied our soul. Just as soul music touches deep into your emotions, so to does Dents food. And oh Lord that Peach Cobbler was smoking!!!

Alexander Brown Manager

I wanted to thank you for a wonderful dining experience. The food and service was great, not to mention the atmosphere felt like we were at a big family dinner


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